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Asparagus, Mary Washington Bin Box

Our Platinum Performers® have been carefully selected by DeGroot with your customer in mind.  Each variety in this collection has been chosen for qualities which lead to success.  Our vegetables in the Platinum Performers® selection exhibit high yields, are easy to grow, and are Non-GMO.

‘Mary Washington’ open top Bin Box is an excellent retail solution for retail capper packages on shelves or endcaps.  Each bin box includes eye-catching POP on the front of each bin and retail capper packages.  Bin boxes are each sold separately or order a variety to customize your own display!

Grow your business with Platinum Performers®!

Each Bin Box includes 15 retail packages.  (Bin Box Dimensions:  15.5“l x 6“w x 13“d)

‘Mary Washington’ is one of the most popular varieties grown by home gardeners. It is disease resistant and heavy yielding with tender, flavorful shoots. This open-pollinated variety produces medium to large purple-tinged, tightly-budded shoots. ‘Mary Washington’ grows well throughout the Midwest and is rust-resistant. A well-tended planting yields 8 to 10 pounds or more per 100 square feet of bed or 24 to 30 pounds per 100 feet of row.


# Description Qty per Unit Units Available Price/Unit
AS010000 Asparagus, Mary Washington Bin Box 15 225 $34.50

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Size 2 YR