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Rhubarb, Victoria Bin Box

Our Platinum Performers® have been carefully selected by DeGroot with your customer in mind.  Each variety in this collection has been chosen for qualities which lead to success.  Our vegetables in the Platinum Performers® selection exhibit high yields, are easy to grow, and are Non-GMO.

Rhubarb Victoria Open top Bin Box is an excellent retail solution for retail capper packages on shelves or endcaps.  Each bin box includes eye-catching POP on the front of each bin and retail capper packages.  Bin boxes are each sold separately or order a variety to customize your own display!

Great for PIES! Super combined with strawberries in desserts! ‘Victoria’ Rhubarb features juicy, medium-sized stalks. ‘Victoria’ has been a favored variety for many years. With its huge leaves and thick green stalks, it is striking enough to have for display purposes. It also has a wonderful tart flavor and serves superbly in pies and sauces. Leaf stalks can be harvested starting in spring over an 8 week period once plants are mature. It is a heavy producer and excellent for commercial purposes. This is the best cooking rhubarb, bar none, noticeably sweeter and milder than all others. Stalks are slender and very tender, so it’s quick and easy to cook. Plants are prolific with stalks of green with a red blush. It develops pink speckling on a light green stalk with the pink color being more intense at the bottom of the stalk, fading to a solid green near the top. The plants have striking, large greenish-red colored leaves. Produces large stalks of excellent quality, long, round with smooth ribs.

Grow your business with Platinum Performers®!

Each Bin Box includes 15 retail packages.  (Bin Box Dimensions:  15.5“l x 6“w x 13“d)



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