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Grape Assortment Retail Case Pack

Grapes are primarily grown for fruit production but are also excellent for ornamental purposes; bold summer foliage, fall color, showy fruit, twisted trunking, and branching are often best seenGMO Free Badge in winter! Grapes also provide beautiful cover, screening, and shade to areas around the home when grown on fences, walls, trellises, arbors, or other structures.

This assortment of retail packaged dormant grape plants offers customers a headstart to the season!  Each eye-catching retail package includes plant details and easy to follow planting instructions, setting your customer up for success.

Assortment includes 25 retail packages total (11″sleeves):

  • Concord (blue)
  • Catawba (red)
  • Niagara (white)

No shipments to ID, OR, or WA.


# Description Qty per Unit Units Available Price/Unit
GR518000 Grape Assortment Retail Case Pack 25 54 $90.00