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Dahlia, Lucky Number Bin Box

Our Platinum Performers® have been carefully selected by DeGroot with your customer in mind.  Each variety in this collection has been chosen for qualities which lead to success.  They are easy grow, dependable, and offer longer bloom times.

Platinum Performers® Dahlia ‘Lucky Number’ Open top Bin Box is an excellent retail solution for retail capper packages on shelves or endcaps.  Each bin box includes eye-catching POP on the front of each bin and retail capper packages.  Bin boxes are each sold separately or order a variety to customize your own display!

Dahlia ‘Lucky Number’ is vigorous and fast growing with striking pink flowers.  It is heat resistant and makes a superb cut flower.  Your dahlias will bloom the first year, adding a lovely spot of color from mid-summer until frost.  They are a welcome addition to the garden late in the season when other flowers are fading.  These 6-8” blossoms are stunning in the flower border or container garden.

Grow your business with Platinum Performers®!

Each Bin Box includes 15 retail packages. (Bin Box Dimensions:  15.5“l x 6“w x 13“d)


# Description Qty per Unit Units Available Price/Unit
D0560000 Dahlia, Lucky Number Bin Box 15 20 $46.50

Plant Details +

Botanical Dahlia Decorative ‘Lucky Number’
Size #1 Clump
Height 40"
Spacing 15"
Hardiness Zones 8-11; Tender
Exposure Full sun
Foliage Green
Flower Pink, 8-10" Dinnerplate Blooms
Bloomtime Midsummer-Frost

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: Plant Dahlias in well-drained soil in a sunny location. Supply ample moisture and fertilizer during the growing season. When the plant reaches 1-1/2' in height, trim entire plant to 1'. In about two weeks trim the plant again back to about 1-1/2'. This will encourage your Dahlia to produce an abundance of flowers. Remove all spent flowers.