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Currant ‘Red Lake’ 2 YR

Currant ‘Red Lake’ is the finest red currant with delicious large, deep red berries.  This vigorous and productive shrub is cold-hardy.  ‘Red Lake’ is the most widely grown red currant with an extended fruiting season, beginning in late spring and continuing into the summer months!   It is self-pollinating and often bears full-bodied fruit the first year after planting.  This popular high-yield variety forms a decorative hedge even when not in fruit.  These currants are packed with flavor, perfect for making jams, jellies, syrup, wine, and even pastries!  The red berries also attract many kinds of birds.

(This is size 2 YR product and is sold 10 plants per unit.)


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CU1012YRBAG Currant 'Red Lake' 2 YR 10 out of stock $59.00

Plant Details +

Botanical Ribes rubrum 'Red Lake'
Size 2 YR
Hardiness 3-7
Exposure Full sun to part shade
Foliage Green
Fruit Bright red
Harvest Midsummer

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: After planting, prune back leaving only 1 or 2 buds above the ground on each existing stem. A well-maintained planting can produce bountiful harvests for many years. It is best grown in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers cool summer climates. Some part afternoon shade is appreciated in hot summer climates. Best sited in locations protected from strong winter winds and frost pockets. Appreciates a good organic mulch for the root zone. Water regularly as needed to keep soils uniformly moist. Avoid overhead watering, however. Plants are self-fertile. Space 3' apart. Prune as needed during the dormant season. It is generally recommended that stems older than 3 years on red currants be removed. May take 4-5 years for plants to become well-established and reach full fruit-bearing potential.