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Blueberry ‘Pink Popcorn®’

Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit! New Blueberry introduction ‘Pink Popcorn®’ and it’s really PINK!
Blueberries are naturally high in anti-oxidants! This hardy northern high bush blueberry is a more compact grower than other varieties and bears pink fruit that ripens early to midseason. These glowing blush-colored berries have the taste and aroma of the best blueberries and could offer gourmands a decorative and exotic surprise. The crisp texture promises a “snap” of flavor, hence the whimsical “Popcorn” name. Pink Popcorn®, is truly a hardy plant, the only pink blueberry on the market tolerant in Zone 4 temperatures. Creamy white and pink berries ripen early to mid-season. They are self-fruitful but will produce a heavier crop if planted with another early-season variety. The vase-shaped bushes with beautiful white flowers and medium green foliage that turns bright red in the fall make Pink Popcorn® a winner in the home landscape. At a mature size of 5’H x 5’W, Pink Popcorn® can be planted in rows, or incorporated easily into the landscape. Pink Popcorn® is self-fertile but will produce a larger crop of berries of planted in proximity to another early season variety.

Blueberries are extremely nutritious and have a high vitamin content. Excellent in pies and makes delicious jams and preserves. Best of all, bake your own ‘Pink’ Blueberry Muffins! Imagine, a late summer compote of mixed berries with the addition of the ‘Pink Popcorn’ fruits or a blueberry pie with a mix of the traditional blueberries along with the ‘Pink Popcorn’ berries. How beautiful!

Blueberries are rapidly increasing in interest. Like all blueberries, it must have moist, acidic soil to flourish. Even without the added bonus of delicious berries, it makes an attractive deciduous shrub with flowers in spring and striking autumn colors. Fast-growing. Blueberries are considered a beautiful productive hedge with spring flowering on dark green foliage, delicious fruit in summer and fiery red foliage for autumn color. Set plants out as early as possible in the spring. Prune branches back about 1/2 their length at planting time with no further pruning required the next 3 years. Prune annually thereafter during the dormant period.

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Plant Details +

Botanical Vaccinium 'Pink Popcorn'
Cultivator Type Highbush
Common Name Blueberry 'Pink Popcorn®'
Family Ericaceae
Size 1 YR #1
Height 5'
Spacing 5'
Hardiness Zones 4-8
Exposure Full sun
Vigor Moderate
Foliage The leaves are smooth, glossy green, lanceolate, with serrated leaf margins. In fall, the leaves turn to deep red.
Fruit Light blush-pink
Harvest Fruit in early to mid season

Planting/Care Instructions +

Soil Type (this field contains PH): Acidic (pH 4.5-5.5) peaty or sandy soil that is moist but well drained.

Planting Instructions: Prefers an acid soil. In alkaline soil, add ammonium sulfate for best results. Dig a hole large enough to encompass the roots without bending or circling. Set the plant in place so the crown (part of the plant where the root meets the stem) is about 1-2 inches below the soil surface. Add generous amounts of peat but no fertilizer when planting. Cover with soil to the original soil surface and water thoroughly. Prepare the ground well before planting. Blueberries can also be grown in large pots and containers if compost is used. Prune in winter, cutting out dead or damaged branches. In spring, feed with sulphate of ammonia, sulphate of potash, bonemeal and top-dress with compost.

Pests or Diseases: No serious insect or disease problems.