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Bag O’Blooms® Grower Bags

Bag O’Blooms® – Grow a garden in a bag!

Holes are pre-punched. Includes rope handle. Ideal for patios, fences, decks, walls and lamp posts. Just follow this easy three-step process and you’ll soon have a garden you’ll be proud to hang.

Packed: 1 each or 25 per case

CONTENTS INCLUDE: 3 Grow Bags with pre-punched holes and 3 Ropes for hanging the Bags. The sky is the limit with what you can create with these bags. Hang it anywhere! An inexpensive way to create a masterpiece! Plant and grow your own creation for your special place. Start yours today. Decorative!

By adding soil, fertilizer, flowers, vegetables, fruits, seeds or plugs to Bag O’Blooms® you can quickly transform nearly any area into a beautiful garden. You can use the Bag O’Blooms® for colorful displays of impatiens, pansies and begonias to herb gardens of basil, oregano and peppermint. You can even grow delicious strawberries. Bag O’Blooms® gives you the ultimate flexibility in designing and growing beautiful arrangements for small and difficult-to-decorate areas like privacy fences, condominium patios, brick walls, decks and lamp posts.

Just follow this easy four-step process and you’ll soon have a garden you’ll be proud to display:

  1. Remove the rope from inside the bag.
  2. Fill the bag. Fill the bag with 7-8 quarts of moist potting soil. Tap the bag down firmly and add soil if necessary. Make sure there are no large air pockets in the soil. Hang the bag for 24 hours to allow the soil to settle. Punch out the perforated circles.
  3. Plant the plugs. Lay the bag on a flat surface and press down so that the bag becomes flat rather then round. In each opening, scoop out enough soil to allow you to set in the plant plugs. If using plugs or plants, the bag should be left lying flat for the first two weeks while the roots establish themselves. Place the bag in a sunny spot until the plugs have grown larger root systems. If using seeds, when the plant is 2-3″ tall, the bag is ready to hang. Fertilize and water your plants regularly. Do not allow your Bag O’Blooms® to dry out.
  4. Hang your new creation.

Using the rope, double-knotted from the front of the bag, hang the bag in a location where it will receive 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. Once the bag is hanging, plant additional plugs in the top of the bag. Check the bag frequently for moisture.


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