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Apple Orchard Tree Display (DGFTPL66)

There’s no easier way to generate early season sales than with DeGroot Dormant Fruit trees!  Dormant packaged fruit trees are as easy as set and sell!  This pre-assembled display offers a variety of America’s favorite fruits!  Dormant plants allow your customers success with early planting for stronger root establishment and by avoiding transplant shock common with potted products later in the season.  Sell with confidence knowing your customer will receive the best in customer service with the DeGroot guarantee right on the tag.

(Fruit Tree Size: 3-5’; Display dimensions: 24” x 48” x 24”; Display Weight: 260 lbs.)

4 Tree tags for the Orchard Favorite Tree Display

This display includes a total of 60 packaged dormant fruit trees appropriate for zones 3 through 8.

15 – Apple Tree, Golden Delicious

15 – Apple Tree, Honeycrisp™

15 – Apple Tree, Jonathan

15 – Apple Tree, Red Delicious




# Description Qty per Unit Units Available Price/Unit
DGFTPL66 Apple Orchard Tree Display (DGFTPL66) 60 8 $800.00