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Amaryllis, Assortment Case Pack

With big, beautiful blossoms, Amaryllis are a favorite bringing warmth and color into the home during the winter months.  These bold blooms originated in South America’s tropical regions, lending to their tropical look.  Amaryllis Gift Kits are an excellent impulse buy and make thoughtful gifts for holiday hosts, friends, family, and more!  These beauties are an incredible value and easy to grow.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Amaryllis Bulb (Size 24-26 cm)
  • Decorative Pot
  • Planting Media
  • Planting instructions

Order this case pack assortment for an excellent start to your early holiday sales!  Pre-order now to ship in Fall 2023!

Case Dimensions: 12.75”w x 18.75”d x 13.75”h


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DGCAMC00 Amaryllis, Assortment Case Pack 12 out of stock $59.40

Plant Details +

Common Name Amaryllis
Family Hippeastrum
Height Average of 20"
Spacing 5"
Exposure Indirect sun
Foliage Green
Flower Varies
Bloomtime Winter - very early spring

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: If you cannot plant the bulbs immediately after receiving them, store them in a cool, dark temperature between 40-50 degrees F. If sprouting has already occurred, it is best to plant bulb as soon as possible. 1. Start with the pot. You should use a sturdy pot that leaves 1 or 2 inches space between the pot and the bulb. Plant the bulb in good quality potting soil with approximately the top 1/3 of the bulb showing above the soil surface. Do not use a pot that is sharply tapered or very shallow because you want room for decent root growth. 2. Add water so the soil is moist, but not soggy. Do not over water. 3. Keep the Amaryllis in a warm location (70-75°), but not in direct sunlight. 4. Water on a regular basis throughout the flowering period. 5. After flowering, remove the flower stem just above the bulb and continue to water. Plant outdoors in the spring and fertilize throughout the summer. After first frost, dig bulb and store bareroot in a cool dark place for at least 8 weeks. Repot the bulb and a new cycle will begin.